What does the organisational change mean for me?

In the initial stages of many projects, a common starting point is the process of as-is and to-be mapping and the development of comprehensive gap analysis. However, the gap analysis is only the basis for understanding the impact of the proposed changes.

Making a change is a personal choice. If you want to influence people's desire to participate and support the change, you must answer the hot “What's in it for me?” question early on and often in your communication. In other words - What does the change mean for me? What will change in my daily work? The lack of clear “What is in it for me” messages affects stakeholder understanding of the change and results in low engagement and poor change adoption.

So how are employees, suppliers, and partners impacted by the introduced changes? Here comes to help the change impact assessment. It defines how changes affect key stakeholder groups as they transition from the current to target state. For instance, what people will need to stop, start or continue doing in relation to processes, systems, inputs, outputs, etc.

The change impact assessment improves the understanding of the change which is a critical step in adopting the change. It drives communication activities, making sure that messages are relevant and resonate with the impacted individuals. It also helps determine the training requirements for each stakeholder group to ensure people are equipped for the upcoming changes and new ways of working. Finally, and especially if done early, it allows you to identify the most important areas to address with change management support activities.

How Flow Logic can help:

Our change management team is in place for developing your change management strategy and implementation plans that mitigate disruption to ongoing business operations. We have the people, process, and expertise to support your organisational initiatives. Need change management support? Contact us for more information.